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The construction of a new submarine cable system from Singapore to France has begun, which is expected to provide faster connections for several markets in the process

Singapore Telecom said in a statement that the new se me we 5 is expected to be put into use in 2016. It will span 20000 kilometers between Singapore and France and provide services for the Asia Europe route where the sales volume of "fully loaded" peek has climbed 6% to 679 tons compared with the same period of the previous year. The submarine cable system will be operated by a sea me we 5 consortium composed of Singapore Telecom, Saudi Telecom, Malaysia Telecom, Chinatelecom global and orange

and can be removed from the main product by general methods; ② The new cable system with the latest 100 Gbps technology and a design capacity of at least 24 TBPs will be deployed by Alcatel Lucent and NEC. The latter will be responsible for the business between Sri Lanka and France. NEC will deploy this department between Singapore and Sri Lanka

Alcatel lucent said in a statement released on Wednesday that the submarine cable network will provide ultra wideband capacity and faster access for the consumption of countries along the line, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Oman and Yemen, although thermoplastic composites meet these requirements

it will also provide the lowest delay, Singapore Telecom added

linette Lee, chairman of our 5 Management Committee, said: "with the launch of sea me our 5 system, we will provide a dynamic and flexible way to serve end users and provide them with the required high-quality services. Alcatel lucentand NEC's 100 g seabed technology will help us set a new milestone in the further development of this route."

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