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The first building Museum of glutinous rice coating in China started construction

the first building Museum of glutinous rice coating in China started construction

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May 24, 2016

[China coating information] glutinous rice is used as raw material, and the paint produced is not only environmentally safe, but also can be imported. Recently, Hong Kong Dr. Kang International Co., Ltd., located in Houjie Town, began to build the first glutinous rice coating architectural museum in China. Luojiabin, chairman of the board of directors of the company, told that from the consumption concept of health and environmental protection, those who consume and show good repeated scratch and self repair function can go to the museum to learn about Chinese history and architecture

once a family needs to be decorated, the dazzling array of decoration materials always makes people feel overwhelmed. Luojiabin said that taking the paint market as an example, "price war", "advertising war" and "promotion war" will bring about a vicious circle in the market, making domestic products focus on price rather than value. It is reported that at present, the domestic paint market share has reached more than 300 billion yuan, and there are about 10000 domestic brands, but the market share is only 30%-40% automatically. There are more than ten major international brands that occupy nearly 60% of the domestic coating market. Most of the coatings on the market contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene chemicals and VOC, which do great harm to human body

"the organic combination of glutinous rice slurry and lime slurry increases the viscosity, viscosity and toughness of the building. There is no formaldehyde, VOC, toluene and xylene, so it is green." Luojiabin said that the ancient city wall is made of yellow mud, lime, yellow sugar, glutinous rice, papyrus, shells and other materials. The Badaling Great Wall and half tower have been standing for hundreds of years. It is the role of glutinous rice mortar. Inspired by this, he led the R & D team of the enterprise to create green and environmentally friendly new products

at present, the first domestic glutinous rice coating architecture museum built by Dr. Kang is in the process of intensive preparation. Luojiabin said that this will enable more people to understand the traditional architectural techniques. According to the design, in addition to showing the use history of glutinous rice mortar, the museum will also display many miniature ancient buildings, all of which use glutinous rice mortar. In addition, in the specially set parent-child area, consumers with good consumer stability can experience the fun of DIY and paint their favorite rooms with glutinous rice paint

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