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In the just concluded North China Regional Linkage activities, Rheinland egger achieved another success. The headquarters team helped the terminal stores to import the standardized T6 system for 15 days, and finally the activity was a complete success

in the face of the increasingly hot industry and increasingly fierce competition, Rheinland egger bravely advanced in the torrent, adhering to the business philosophy of "win-win", quickly but steadily established distribution networks across the country. Rheinland egger has a responsibility for every franchisee and partner. It is not only important to realize the common development and growth of both sides in the operation of the brand, but also to bring incremental value to each other

North China regional war report

Rheinland egger made another success in the just concluded North China Regional Linkage activities. The headquarters team assisted the resident for 15 days, from scheme publicity to task decomposition, from customer invitation to landing collection, and assisted the terminal stores to import the standardized T6 system in the whole process, so as to build a sales team with cutting-edge theory and practical ability of the times

group photos of some customers

big platform, big manufacturer. We are looking forward to more dealers writing their own legends on the big platform of Rheinland egger! At the same time, thank new and old customers for their support and trust. We will continue to do a good job of follow-up service with "warm, comfortable and intimate"





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