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Have you thought carefully about the decoration effect of your 60 square meter small apartment for a duplex building? The decoration of a small duplex building with a size of 60 square meters is the style favored by many young Wuhan decoration owners. They feel that the room is small, and they can give full play to the imagination of the owners to meet their own decoration standards. The decoration of Wuhan Lugong mansion will teach you how to transform a small house into a beautiful duplex apartment. Now let's share with Xiaobian this 63 square meter small family duplex building decoration case for your reference

[specific room type]: Yangtze River chuyun, 63 square meters, two bedrooms and two halls

[design description]: the idyllic decoration of two bedrooms and two halls in chuyun 63 of the Yangtze River in this case is customized for the fashionable and warm decoration requirements of the owner. The designer tries to reproduce the gorgeous charm of the countryside with the English elegance of retro charm. For the consideration of the connection between the spaces of the house, the designer specially moved the bathroom space that was originally in the middle of the house type to the other side, and took advantage of the situation to resolve Feng Shui concerns. In terms of soft furniture, furniture that pays attention to details but does not make public shows its freshness and simplicity, highlighting the unique charm of becoming a monk. The mixed rural style furniture scattered everywhere in the room will not affect the sense of space, but rather decorate the whole space with specially arranged space details

[decoration company]: Wuhan Lugong mansion decoration company; Half package 35000 yuan

[space display]

the decoration designer of Wuhan Lugong mansion introduced the design of the living room. The sofa is made of pastoral fabric, which is matched with curtains and other soft decorations. There are green and blue. Although there is no complex decoration, it is simple but warm. The stairs are made of stainless steel handrails + tempered glass pedals, which is the only one in the apartment we decorated. Looking at the stairs from the front, each step has been precisely designed to ensure that the owner can walk safely, with safety guaranteed, and good-looking is the second

the kitchen cabinet is located on the left side of the door. The carpenter uses solid wood ecological furniture board to make the cabinet body. After the door board is selected, the processing plant will customize and install it

overlooking the stairs from the upstairs, it is as transparent as the clear lake water, and has the posture of Lingbo micro step

the corridor area is used to make a study and storage cabinet. The bedroom is connected with the corridor and separated by a sliding door. You can also see a cabinet with a whole wall in the bedroom from this side

the sliding door of the bedroom is pulled up, and a rocking chair is placed on the aisle for leisure reading

in the bedroom, there are European style King beds, wall cabinets and black cloth lamps. Contrast and match of light and dark

from the bedroom to the aisle, the bathroom also uses sliding doors to save space. Inside the bathroom, in this case, the basin in the dry area is not placed outside, but left for storage space, and the basin is placed in the same space with the shower room

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