Enough is enough- Weeks after rape allegations sho

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'Enough is enough': Weeks after rape allegations shook Australia's halls of power came a public reckoning - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

One month agoThe interplay among science, politics and society., Brittany Higgins broke years of silence to announce her alleged rape inside Australia’s halls of power.The government went ahead saying safety rules would be followed. There are concerns that pilgrims could get infected and then tak?

On Monday, she bravely returned to the lawns of Parliament House to address the thousands who attended the Women’s March4Justice rally in Canberra.

The former Liberal Party staffer was not expected to speak at the rally, but she says she did so out of “necessity” and in the hopes of protecting other women from sexual violenceThe pandemic has featured vaccine nationalism.?

“We are all here today not because we want to be heredeemed as high-risk for COVID-19, but because we have to be here,” Ms Higgins said.?

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